Hello from Hugo

Hello from Hugo! I had tried Ghost for a while but eventually I abandonded it.. it’s funny because after leaving Jekyll for Ghost I thought I would never come back to static sites generators, yet here I am again.

I have to admit that although Ghost seemed promising, its development was way too slow, plus many breaking changes: they announced 1.0.0 edition about a month ago, it’s still under very heavy development, many many things change (no breaking changes though), mostly visually and stable release date is unknown. At the same time they announced that post 1.0.0 will break almost everything including the db, without an official migration plan! Oh well..

Hugo seems super simple and fast actually. Meanwhile, vim has a much better markdown plugin and hugo makes it super easy to review the changes (hot reloading) so static website it is for now.

Let’s see how far it will take us..

PS: I have lost some older posts unfortunately, too bad I didn’t take any backup of ghost’s db. One more reason why it seems static sites is the way to go -> git.